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The Studentenwerk Berlin maintains and operates 35 student residence halls (Studentenwohnheime) located across the city. Many international students choose to live in a student residence hall because they can quickly and easily find an accommodation that fits their budget. There are even rooms available for couples and students with children, as well as for disabled students.

In fact, international students make up approximately 58 percent of the residents in our dormitories.

In order to better serve international students, resident assistants are available in 12 of the residence halls to offer help and support. Each residence hall also has its own student self-administration, or SSV, whose purpose is to make life in the hall as enjoyable as possible, through the organizing of various associations and parties, and, when necessary, the mediation of problems between residents.

For further information, please visit the Studentenwerk’s Student Housing department.

Resources for finding private accommodation are also available here. Many students opt to live in a “WG” (Wohngemeinschaft), which is a shared flat.

Some additional useful websites include:

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