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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Civic Registration

Do I have to register as a city resident after moving into a Studentenwerk Berlin residence?

Yes. You can register at your nearest municipal office (Bürgeramt). Download the registration form and the deregistration form here.

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Civic Deregistration

Do I have to deregister with the city when I move out?

Yes. You can deregister at your nearest municipal office (Bürgeramt).

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Disabled Residents

Is accommodation for disabled residents available in the student residences?

Yes. The Augustenburger Platz, Aristotelessteig, Brentanostraße and Spandauer Damm residences include wheelchair-accessible apartments.

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Bedding and Dishes

Are bedding and dishes provided in the student residences?

No, but the residence offices sell starter packages of bedding ("Gut schlafen"/"Sweet Dreams") and dishes/utensils ("Gut kochen"/"Bon Appetit").

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Where can I get advice?

At the Studentenwerk Berlin InfoPoint or from the residence offices at Sewanstraße, Siegmunds Hof, Hardenbergstraße and Franz-Mehring-Platz.

What do I need to apply?

An admission letter or matriculation card from a university or college in Berlin and a receipt for payment of your semester dues.

How do I apply from Germany or abroad?

Starting 1 July 2011, the only way to apply is online via the student residence portal (Wohnheimportal). You should first visit the Studentenwerk Berlin website to learn about our residences and accommodation types. You will not be able to submit the application form until you have completed all the mandatory fields and attached scanned copies of your admission letter or matriculation card, semester dues receipt, and government-issued identity card or passport.

How do I apply for family accommodation?

To enable us to offer you appropriate accommodation, you must include your marital status, spouseÕs name and, if applicable, number of children in your online residence application.

How do I apply to share accommodation with my partner or with friends? Initially, only one of the applicants should apply for accommodation. In the field "Anzahl WG-Mitbewerber" he/she should indicate the number of co-applicants. The first applicant will then receive an email containing a numeric code. Only after this should the other applicants submit their online applications. Under "gewünschte Wohnform" (preferred type of accommodation) they must select the option "zusätzlicher Mitbewerber" (additional co-applicant). Under "Wohnheim" (residence) they will then be able to select only "Mitbewerber" (co-applicant). In the comments ("Hinweise") section, under "Zuordnungskriterium" (basis for allocation), they must enter the numeric code issued to the first applicant. In order to share accommodation, all co-applicants must be eligible for accommodation.

When should I apply?

As soon as you have received your admission letter or matriculation card and paid your semester dues. When does my application expire? As soon as you sign a rental agreement with a residence, or after you have been on the waiting list for two years. Until you are offered a place in residence, you will receive an email every three or four weeks asking whether you are still seeking a place. If you do not reply to this email within seven days, your application will expire.

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Guest Suites

Are guest suites available to rent?

Yes, on request. Please enquire at the residence office.

Can I let other students stay in my room?

Yes, if you submit an application to the residence office in line with the General Terms of Rental (download).

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House Rules

Are there any house rules?

Yes, and these form part of the General Terms of Rental (download).

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Can I bring my pet with me?

No. Keeping pets is prohibited under the General Terms of Rental (download).

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Internet Access

Is there internet access?

Yes, but you have to sign a separate agreement and pay additional fees.

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Security Deposit

Do I have to pay a security deposit?

Yes, one and a half times your monthly rent.

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When is the deadline for giving notice?

The 15th of the month, for moving out on the last day of the following month. See the General Terms of Rental (download).

How do I give notice that I am terminating my rental agreement? Tenants sharing accommodation can give notice in writing only, to the residence office, signed by all co-tenants. Individual tenants, however, can also give notice online via the student residence portal.

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Are rooms or apartments available for students with children?

Yes, in almost all residences, and especially at Fraunhofer Straße for female students with children (Link-Wohnheim Fraunhofer Straße).

Are special childcare facilities available to students with children?

Yes. Studentenwerk Berlin runs daycare facilities located close to universities and colleges.

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How much is the rent?

The rent depends on the accommodation and the amenities.

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Rental Term

What is the duration of the rental agreement?

One, two or three years.

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Minimum Residence Period

How long do I have to stay in a Studentenwerk residence?

Depending on the type of rental agreement, at least three months.

Are short-term (daily/weekly) rentals available?

No, except at Studentenhotel Hubertusallee from March to September.

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Are the rooms/apartments furnished?

Furnished and unfurnished rooms/apartments are available.

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Is parking available?

On request. Please enquire at the residence office.

Do I have to pay for parking?

In some locations.

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Exchange Students

How do I apply as an Erasmus or DAAD/KAAD exchange student?

Only via the international office of your university/college or via DAAD/KAAD.

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Do I have to move out during vacations?

No. The accommodation is yours for the agreed rental term.

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Can I sublet my accommodation?

Yes. With the consent of the residence office, you can sublet your accommodation to another student for no longer than one semester.

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Does Studentenwerk Berlin provide me with insurance coverage?

No. Please obtain liability/contents insurance yourself (or via your parents).

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Waiting List

Is there a waiting list?

Yes, depending on occupancy levels at your preferred residence.

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Who is eligible for accommodation?

Students at public universities and colleges in the Federal State of Berlin and students at officially recognised private educational institutions in the Federal State of Berlin who pay student union dues.

Are students on work placements eligible for accommodation?

Under the allocation guidelines, students on work placements are eligible for accommodation but have lower priority.

Are post-doctoral students eligible for accommodation?

Yes, under certain conditions set out in the allocation guidelines.

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Places in Residence

What types of accommodation are available?

Single rooms in two-, three- and four-room apartments, single rooms on corridors with shared kitchen and bathroom, studio apartments, one-room apartments, shared apartments by agreement (2-7 rooms).

Are the rooms/apartments furnished? Furnished and unfurnished rooms/apartments are available.

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Tax on Second Homes

Is my accommodation taxable as a second home?

Yes, under Berlins tax rules.

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