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Psychological and Psychotherapeutic Counseling

Its not at all uncommon for students to experience emotional or psychological problems or to have difficulty studying. A study done by the Deutschen Studentenwerk showed that 40% of students suffered from various kinds of psychological problems, and that 27% felt that these problems impaired their ability to study.

Beginning studies, ending them, changing faculties or institutions, and taking exams are challenging experiences. Changes like leaving home and country, being a foreigner, moving to a new town or a new apartment, separation from a partner; also lingering circumstances like loneliness, isolation, problems with a partner or parents, can be seriously stressful.

Students suffer from learning difficulties, fear of exams, social inhibition, depression, anxiety, psychosomatic symptoms, poor self-esteem, and severe emotional crises.

To help you understand the kind of problems for which students seek our assistance, we have prepared a number of examples* (in German). For those and other types of problems we offer a variety of counseling approaches*.

Perhaps you have tried to solve your problem by discussing it with friends. Or you hoped that things would improve through reading about your difficulty. You might even have visited a self-help group or taken part in special training. That can all be quite helpful. If, however, you still feel that things haven't improved as you would have liked, you should take advantage of the support we offer.

In our counseling we help you develop an individual solution to your problem. Sometimes a single individual session is adequate. Or, you might decide that a short term therapy focusing on your problem is more appropriate. You could also choose to participate in one of our various thematic groups. Some people seek counseling for couples. Others need pregnancy conflict assistance. Often quick and flexible help in a crisis is required. Of course we can help students find therapy outside of our offices or refer them to other counseling services or a crisis facility if necessary.

With our counseling and therapy services we want to support you in your personal development. Thereby we can help you discover new perspectives and ways for you to work successfully.

Counseling is free of charge and available in English. We are obligated to maintain total confidentiality. We provide services to students of all public Universities, Hochschulen and Fachhochschulen in Berlin.

You can visit us at either of our two locations: in Charlottenburg or in Friedrichshain. Contact*


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