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Emergency Assistance, Doctors, and Hospitals

Emergency Assistance, Doctors, and Hospitals

Emergency Assistance

Should you have an emergency in Berlin, please dial the following numbers for help.

Service TelephoneHours
Police (Polizei)11024 hrs.
Fire, Ambulance, Medical Emergency (Feuerwehr, Ambulanz, Notarzt)11224 hrs.
Emergency On-Call Doctor (Bereitschaftsärzte)(030) 31 00 3124 hrs.
Emergency On-Call Dentist (Bereitschaftszahnärzte)(030) 89 00 43 33After 8 pm
24 hrs. Sa. & Su.
Poison Control (Vergiftungserscheinungen)(030) 192 4024 hrs.
Drug Emergency Hotline (Drogennotdienst)(030) 192 3724 hrs.
Emergency Pharmacist (Apotheken-Notdienst)
Visit the website to find the after-hours pharmacy nearest to you. Pharmacies are locked after-hours; ring the bell and you will have to wait outside while you prescription is filled.
0800 00 22 8 33
24 hrs.
Crisis Hotline (Berliner Telefon Seelsorge)0800 111 0 111
0800 111 0 222
24 hrs.
Telefon Doweria
Crisis hotline for Russian speakers
(030) 44 03 08-45424 hrs.
Berlin Aids Support Organisation
Counselling and support
(030) 19 4 11Mo. - Fr. 9 am - 9 pm
Sa. & Sun. 12 am - 2 pm
Federal Counseling and Hotline Service for Women(030) 32 29 95 00
Mo - Thur. 10 am - 2 pm
Rape Crisis Hotline
(030) 216 88 88Mo. - Fr.
9 am - 6 pm
BIG e.V. Hotline
Domestic Abuse Hotline
(030) 611 03 00Daily
International Health Line
Public service that offers referrals to doctors who speak various languages including English, French, Turkish, Russian, Italian, etc.
(030) 31 00 32 22Mo. - Th.
8:30 am - 4 pm
8:30 am - 1 pm
American Hotline
Crisis hotline and referral service for English speakers.
0177 814 15 10 24 hrs.



There may come a time when you need to visit a doctor in Berlin. There are general practitioners (Hausärzte) and specialists. In general, you need to first see a general practitioner, who can then refer you to a specialist. You can search for a doctor in Berlin in the phone book or on the Gesundheit Berlin website under Ärzte.

A list of English-speaking doctors is available from the U.S. Embassy in Berlin. Your country’s consulate or embassy may also be able to refer you to doctors in Berlin who speak your native language.



There are several hospitals in Berlin. Some of the larger hospitals are listed here, but you may also search for the hospital or clinic nearest to you on the Gesundheit Berlin website under Krankenhäuser, Kliniken, Reha.


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