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The Studentenwerk Berlin welcomes you!

The Studentenwerk Berlin welcomes you!

We assist students at all public higher-education institutions in Berlin throughout their course of study and provide them with a variety of services, including counseling and support, financial assistance, job placement, residential accommodations, and dining facilities.

In Germany, there are a total of 58 Studentenwerks headed by our parent organization, the Deutsche Studentenwerk. German universities focus on the academic elements of studying, while the Studentenwerks handle the economic, social, and cultural facets. Although the Studentenwerk is an organization independent from the universities and Fachhochschule, it works very closely with these institutions to ensure that the needs of students are met.

We are very happy that you have chosen to study in Berlin! Berlin is the city with the most international students in Germany, and it appeals to many people from all over the world because of its cultural diversity and broad academic landscape.

The process of studying in Germany as an international student is very exciting, but the task of finding and organizing all of the necessary information is also very daunting. We are here to help! The following web pages will give you the necessary details to successfully navigate the various stages of your course of study in Germany.

We provide you with a timeline to assist you as you prepare to come to Berlin, upon your arrival, while you are a student here, and at the conclusion of your studies. In addition, you can read experience reports of other international students in Berlin.

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Should you ever need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us! We have three InfoPoints where you can get general information on all of the Studentenwerk services and help with your questions.


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